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Stop by the shop and check out our X-Pipe systems. We are adding new systems all the time! Or you can give us a call to check on the system you are looking for. X-Pipe - How it works. Beware of mass produced, pre-stamped X-pipes that create too much turbulence and do not perform the way they should. A properly built X-pipe does not allow the exhaust to cross over from one side to the other, much like a traffic intersection. This creates too much turbulence and leads to a "traffic jam." They do seem to work at lower rpm's when exhaust pressures and volumes are lower, but at higher rpm's these open type X's that blow directly from one side to another create restriction and turbulence witch will slow down each pulse and lead to a loss of power and performance. Not only that, but mass produced, pre-stamped X-pipes can create unwanted harmonics from the turbulence caused by the exhaust fighting its way through the X from one side to another.

To understand how a properly built X-pipe functions we must first understand the difference between back pressure and restriction. For each combustion coming out of a chamber there is a pocket of high pressure which is restriction or the force of resistance that the exhaust system puts on each pulse and behind each pulse of high pressure is a vacuum pocket of low pressure which has been known as back pressure. Scavenging is the process through which the vacuum pocket behind one pulse actually pulls the following high-pressure pulse along. An exhaust system with too much restriction or to little restriction will loose its ability to scavenge and therefore cause loss of power and performance.

In a properly built X-pipe as the high pressure pulse sweeps buy the opening in the connection of the pipes from each bank of the engine, its restriction is relieved from the low pressure pocket coming from the opposite bank. This increases its velocity and increases the back pressure just enough to increase the scavenging of exhaust gasses both at low and high rpm's resulting in greater power and performance.

X-Pipe Systems For:
67 Cougar, 66-67 T-bird, 03 T-bird, 66-67 Mustang, 55 Chevy, 67-69 Camaro, 70-74 Camaro, 75-79 Camaro, 67-74 Chevy PU coil springs, 67-74 Chevy PU leaf springs, 64 Malibu, 69-70 Chevelle, 67-74 Chevelle, 67-69 GTO|, 62-67 Nova, 68-71 Nova, 70 Barracuda.

E-mail us the year, make and model of your vehicle, with the kind of exhaust modifications you would like. We will custom build a system for you using the best products on the market today.
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